You’ve got the passion. We’ve got the plan.

Everything you need to start + grow your beautiful business teaching art lessons to children.

Our Next Enrollment Opens in September 2024!

Do you have big dreams but don’t know where to start?

When I began teaching art to children and saw the infectious energy kids poured into their art, I was smitten. I felt like I found a portal to a secret universe of happiness. 

During that time, I expanded from an art teacher in a school with a small contract to a side business selling art lessons. It was an extraordinary feeling to add an extra thousand dollars to our household income. This was just the beginning.

At the start, I struggled with how to write emails and how to post on Facebook and Instagram. (Even editing the photographs of my art projects felt like Iearning a whole new language!)

I had the passion, but I lacked the know-how.
All of that changed in 2016 when I joined a supportive business group that was a sanctuary of ideas, answers and encouragement.

I spent the next 7 years learning and experimenting: growing my team, developing the operational side of the business, and learning digital marketing. I can truly say that making the decision to join that community changed everything for me.

Today, Deep Space Sparkle and Primerry support thousands of educators, families and children around the world every month, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

“I used to think that owning an art studio was just a dream - not something I could ever do. Now, I know that I’m capable of doing it, growing it, and making it thrive.”

I recently started my art practice on the side of my full-time teaching career. As a complete beginner, I launched my business and within two-and-a-half months earned $10,000 from it.

Curriculum and marketing were my biggest challenges in the beginning. I knew I needed material that would get kids interested, and parents excited as well - without having to scour Pinterest for hours at a time and creating things on my own. The Art Kits, and how much you get out of the membership, have been amazing.

Being brand new, I don't know where I would've started with marketing my business. Primerry PRO taught me the details I needed in a visual format that I love, like the best business structure and how to grow my audience, for example.

Now that I’ve been in the program, I’m so much more knowledgeable and am seeing things in a different light. This can be so much more than just a dream or for fun. Jump in - it’s worth it!

Sarah Reid
The Local Spark Art Enrichment Studio.

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside Primerry PRO...

Turn your love for art into a thriving business with the

Primerry PRO Business Roadmap

Our bite-sized business classes will walk you through whatever stage of business you’re in, from picking the name of your business to scaling up your studio.

You’ll decide what to specialize in, what to charge, and even how to get more students, all with actionable steps that will guide you through the decision making.

And with our course workbooks to help supplement your learning experience, your new art business will be up and running in no time!

(We add a new Biz Course to the membership each quarter.)

Want to see the wins you’ll celebrate at each stage?
Expand the boxes below for all the details!


Let’s create a studio art experience and niche that suits your lifestyle, teaching preferences and of course… your passion!

This stage is all about exploration and starting with the end in mind. You’ll flex your decision-making muscles, commit to getting started, and learning as you go.

DREAM IT Goal: Teach your first studio art class!

  • Deciding on the type of experience you want to create, and the ideal location to host your classes
  • Setting your initial prices based on how many students (and at what price) you need in order to hit your income goal and make a healthy profit!
  • Exploring potential options for your niche -- this is where you get to lean into your creative side and experiment with what you want to be known for!
  • Validating that there is demand for the type of classes you want to teach, so you can learn what works and what to adjust
  • Uncovering where your first paying students will come from, and how to invite them to join you (we've got plenty of templates to help you nail it)
  • Committing to a date for when you'll teach your first studio class!


It’s time to put pen to paper and set yourself up to create a sustainable business teaching what you love.

From choosing a business name to creating a studio experience that keeps kids coming back, expect a quick and actionable guide on the fundamentals of earning revenue in your business.

PLAN IT Goal: Take care of your admin essentials and get set up to collect payments.

  • Confirming the specific type of class and age group you want to move ahead with
  • Naming your business and settling on a price that allows you to charge what you are worth
  • Creating a stellar studio onboarding experience that wows parents and kids (and keeps them coming back: hello, waitlist!)
  • Crafting your studio guidelines to minimize headaches and challenging situations before they can happen
  • Implementing the 10 simple things you need to have in place to set your business up to be "legit" - from insurance, to taxes, and getting set up to take payments
  • Exploring if you want to teach a special event, party or summer camp -- and a step-by-step process to nail it!

Teach IT

Discover how to teach specific techniques and how to set up your studio space to maximize profit and student engagement.

We’ll explore which supplies work best for different teaching environments and age groups, how to teach specific techniques, to setting up your studio spaces to maximize profit and student engagement.

TEACH IT Goal: Turn your studio vision into reality and teach with confidence!

  • Gathering the essential supplies you need to teach your first studio classes
  • Creating a gorgeous vision for your studio and how you'll decorate your space
  • Upcoming class! Budgeting and selecting your studio supplies and decor (go shopping with Patty!)
  • Upcoming class! Creating Your Art Studio Behavior Management Plan (& the 5 types of students you'll encounter)
  • Upcoming class! The Simple 15-Minute Studio Set Up Guide for easy prep and minimal cleaning time
  • Exploring whether you want to go virtual with our mini-course on virtual teaching tech and how to take your studio experience online.


Grow your business by tapping into the magical world of digital marketing and grow your client base for consistent income!

You’ll learn how to get your offer in front of more people, attract customers through social media and email marketing — and create a simple website that shares your vision.

GROW IT Goal: Master the art of filling your classes with simple digital marketing strategies that work.

  • Practicing simple but effective marketing strategies that you might not have considered yet to get your studio buzzing with students
  • Setting up an email list of current and potential customers -- and how to build a relationship with them
  • Creating an incentive for people to join your newsletter and set up the simple tech to deliver it
  • Making a plan for staying in touch with your newsletter community (and what to say to get customers excited about your work)
  • Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts for best results and less stress (you don't need to be a social media superstar to have a thriving studio -- phew!)
  • Upcoming mini-course! Setting up a simple website that showcases your, your vibe, and your offerings -- so more people can find you and join your classes with confidence!

“I have a clearer goal for the direction of my business, I feel supported, and confident that Primerry PRO can help me continue to grow my business.”

I started my afterschool art program and summer camps in 2016 and started teaching from home when the pandemic hit. Before joining Primerry PRO, I was building my business on instinct. I had joined a general business-building program, but it wasn’t specifically for art studio owners.

I knew I needed support to grow my art business, and when I joined Primerry PRO I found the roadmap I was looking for. The program and community are very supportive because it's all like-minded people and we’re all in the same boat but at different stages.
You have support with all of the things that come up, and it makes your experience richer knowing that you're part of a community. They help you find your own vision, and give you not only the energy, but the support to just go for it.

Geraldine Otte

You'll have access to...

a Private Community &
Group mentor calls with Patty

You'll have access to...

a Private Community & Group mentor calls with Patty

Your membership includes a Private Community to share your questions, wins and goals with me and other artsy business owners.

This is where you’ll receive feedback and mentorship from me on topics that will meet you where you are at and push you to move forward.

This group is kind, supportive and from every level of business. Our motto is one step at a time and we mean it. We go (and grow) at our own pace!

Professionally designed art Kits for your studio... every month!

Every month you’ll get a brand new Art Kit that will feature multi-session and single-session projects to use in your studio classes. Each project includes step-by-step instructions, drawing guides & templates, and even a calculated project cost per child. So all you need to do is gather supplies and teach!

entire suite of marketing resources
Inside Each Art Kit

These easy to use templates are professionally designed and fully customizable to fit your individual needs.

Each marketing kit has everything you’ll need to attract your first students with newsletter templates, Instagram stories, photos, videos, flyers, and even stickers for you to use on social media.

Membership includes access to previous Art Kits + one new each month:

Here’s some of the wins our members are celebrating

So, are you ready to take the jump to start building the art business of your dreams? 

Our Next Enrollment Opens in September 2024!

So, are you ready to take the jump to start building the art business of your dreams? 

Our Next Enrollment Opens in September 2024!