You’ve got the passion. We’ve got the plan.

Everything you need to
start + grow your beautiful business teaching art lessons to children:


When you’re a creative person,
ideas are the easy part…

But for many of us who have dreams of opening an art studio, the “business” (and marketing) side doesn’t come so naturally.

Whether you are:

An art teacher who is recently retired (yay for you!) but you’re not ready to set aside your paints just yet

A parent who wants to stay at home, share more art with your kids and earn an extra income

An art teacher who is feeling overworked, under appreciated and ready for a change

A studio owner who is ready to work less and earn more with a streamlined growth plan…

There is a world where your creativity — and that *special knack* you’ve got for connecting with kids — leads to your dream business.

Everything else can be learned (and we’re here to help you with that!)

It’s a world where…

You walk into your garage (or sunroom, or studio!) in the afternoon and see tables filled with paint brushes, paper, oil pastels and modeling clay.

You get to create a space that reflects your passion and unique vibe — an artsy oasis for children to explore, build, experiment and play.

You finally have a place of your own (an art home!), filled with colorful abstracts, papier mache treasures and mixed-media masterpieces.

You’re living the creative life you always envisioned and getting paid to do it — while seeing the impact of your work more clearly than ever before.

And we want to help you create it:

“I used to think that owning an art studio was just a dream - not something I could ever do. Now, I know that I’m capable of doing it, growing it, and making it thrive.”

I recently started my art practice on the side of my full-time teaching career. As a complete beginner, I launched my business and within two-and-a-half months earned $10,000 from it.

Curriculum and marketing were my biggest challenges in the beginning. I knew I needed material that would get kids interested, and parents excited as well - without having to scour Pinterest for hours at a time and creating things on my own. The Art Kits, and how much you get out of the membership, have been amazing.

Being brand new, I don't know where I would've started with marketing my business. Primerry PRO taught me the details I needed in a visual format that I love, like the best business structure and how to grow my audience, for example.

Now that I’ve been in the program, I’m so much more knowledgeable and am seeing things in a different light. This can be so much more than just a dream or for fun. Jump in - it’s worth it!

Sarah Reid
The Local Spark Art Enrichment Studio.


You don’t need to have a business degree (or a teaching credential) to start and grow your dream art studio

You’ve got the passion. We’ve got the plan.


Inside Primerry PRO, you will learn
the specific steps to:

  • Start and grow your profitable studio and earn an income by teaching art to children, on your own terms

    Whether you want to create additional income while working part-time and fitting work around your family, make the shift into partial retirement, or go all-in on building your art studio empire, we’ve got the tools to help you achieve it.
  • Claim more space to focus on building deeper connections with students, families and your community through art

    Spend less time on the “other stuff” that drains you (goodbye to pointless meetings and admin!) or spreading yourself too thin.
  • Make decisions that fuel your creative energy… every day!

    Build a work schedule and art business that works for the time and energy you have available today — so you can create more space for yourself tomorrow and start calling the shots on when you work (and how much).

We give you everything you need to create memorable art experiences that support you financially, nourish you creatively, and help you make a meaningful impact on children’s lives.

(It’s every bit as magical as it sounds.)

Ready for the details?

Becoming a member of Primerry PRO
gives you exclusive access to:

Art Biz

A step-by-step pathway (and quick start roadmap) to envision, launch and grow your profitable business teaching art to children — whether you plan to go part-time or “all in”!

Art Kits

Vibrant & engaging art projects designed specifically for a studio environment (whether online, from home, or in a brick & mortar studio) for children aged 5-12 years old.

Marketing Assets

Fully customizable marketing templates for your social media, newsletter, flyers and website to help you fill your classes consistently (and never wonder what to post on social media)

(Plus an incredible community and direct access
to Patty inside the group and on coaching calls!)

“I used to get really overwhelmed coming up with lessons and content for my business. Now, it's free, easy, and fun and I enjoy it.”

After being a full-time art teacher, I started teaching online when I returned to work after having kids. I saw a real need for more fun art for the kids I was teaching - and a need to build my business to reach a new, bigger audience.

I felt very challenged by technology and making choices in my marketing. Spending time trying to source the information on my own was time-consuming, annoying, frustrating, and overwhelming. And, what I’d find often didn’t speak to my needs.

The Art Kits in Primerry PRO have been life-changing for my teaching practice, and the marketing content has been invaluable. It’s been so nice to come to my classes with a project that’s been already tested and works. The marketing content has saved me time promoting my class and I have a much more streamlined aesthetic to my business.

With Primerry PRO, you have nothing to lose and so much creative inspiration to gain.

Georgie Doherty

Here’s a closer look at what’s inside Primerry PRO…

Turn your love for art into a
thriving business with the
Primerry PRO Business Roadmap

Our bite-sized business classes will walk you through whatever stage of business you’re in, from picking the name of your business to scaling up your studio.

You’ll decide what to specialize in, what to charge, and even how to get more students, all with actionable steps that will guide you through the decision making.

And with our course workbooks to help supplement your learning experience, your new art business will be up and running in no time!

(We add a new Biz Course to the membership each quarter.)

Want to see the wins you’ll celebrate at each stage?
Expand the boxes below for all the details!


Let’s create a studio art experience and niche that suits your lifestyle, teaching preferences and of course… your passion!

This stage is all about exploration and starting with the end in mind. You’ll flex your decision-making muscles, commit to getting started, and learning as you go.

DREAM IT Goal: Teach your first studio art class!

  • Deciding on the type of experience you want to create, and the ideal location to host your classes
  • Setting your initial prices based on how many students (and at what price) you need in order to hit your income goal and make a healthy profit!
  • Exploring potential options for your niche -- this is where you get to lean into your creative side and experiment with what you want to be known for!
  • Validating that there is demand for the type of classes you want to teach, so you can learn what works and what to adjust
  • Uncovering where your first paying students will come from, and how to invite them to join you (we've got plenty of templates to help you nail it)
  • Committing to a date for when you'll teach your first studio class!


It’s time to put pen to paper and set yourself up to create a sustainable business teaching what you love.

From choosing a business name to creating a studio experience that keeps kids coming back, expect a quick and actionable guide on the fundamentals of earning revenue in your business.

PLAN IT Goal: Take care of your admin essentials and get set up to collect payments.

  • Confirming the specific type of class and age group you want to move ahead with
  • Naming your business and settling on a price that allows you to charge what you are worth
  • Creating a stellar studio onboarding experience that wows parents and kids (and keeps them coming back: hello, waitlist!)
  • Crafting your studio guidelines to minimize headaches and challenging situations before they can happen
  • Implementing the 10 simple things you need to have in place to set your business up to be "legit" - from insurance, to taxes, and getting set up to take payments
  • Exploring if you want to teach a special event, party or summer camp -- and a step-by-step process to nail it!

Teach IT

Discover how to teach specific techniques and how to set up your studio space to maximize profit and student engagement.

We’ll explore which supplies work best for different teaching environments and age groups, how to teach specific techniques, to setting up your studio spaces to maximize profit and student engagement.

TEACH IT Goal: Turn your studio vision into reality and teach with confidence!

  • Gathering the essential supplies you need to teach your first studio classes
  • Creating a gorgeous vision for your studio and how you'll decorate your space
  • Upcoming class! Budgeting and selecting your studio supplies and decor (go shopping with Patty!)
  • Upcoming class! Creating Your Art Studio Behavior Management Plan (& the 5 types of students you'll encounter)
  • Upcoming class! The Simple 15-Minute Studio Set Up Guide for easy prep and minimal cleaning time
  • Exploring whether you want to go virtual with our mini-course on virtual teaching tech and how to take your studio experience online.


Grow your business by tapping into the magical world of digital marketing and grow your client base for consistent income!

You’ll learn how to get your offer in front of more people, attract customers through social media and email marketing — and create a simple website that shares your vision.

GROW IT Goal: Master the art of filling your classes with simple digital marketing strategies that work.

  • Practicing simple but effective marketing strategies that you might not have considered yet to get your studio buzzing with students
  • Setting up an email list of current and potential customers -- and how to build a relationship with them
  • Creating an incentive for people to join your newsletter and set up the simple tech to deliver it
  • Making a plan for staying in touch with your newsletter community (and what to say to get customers excited about your work)
  • Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts for best results and less stress (you don't need to be a social media superstar to have a thriving studio -- phew!)
  • Upcoming mini-course! Setting up a simple website that showcases your, your vibe, and your offerings -- so more people can find you and join your classes with confidence!

“There’s nothing out there like this for art teachers.”

I was disenchanted with my previous career in graphic design - I felt like my creativity was being stifled in a digital world. I started teaching art to kids and thought, you know what? I should do this.

The business side of this can be scary for artists. Having someone to walk me through the steps of building out my art business has been so helpful. Primerry PRO has helped me tremendously with not only marketing my business effectively but also with my teaching.

I love the materials in Primerry PRO and that there’s also room to bring my own style into the projects that are offered. Just having those in my back pocket has made me more confident in my art practice.

Having a thriving art practice is not just about teaching and it's not just managing supplies - there's so much to it. Having a program that has organized all of the pieces, walks you through them, and addresses any issues you have within all of those little compartments is extremely helpful.

Since I started with Primerry PRO, there’s been such a difference in my art business!

Kelli Sacher

Professionally designed art projects
for your studio… every month!


Every month, you receive a brand new Art Kit, featuring a mix of single session projects (“one-and-done”) and multi-session projects (taught over multiple days) to use in your studio classes. We don’t offer or sell these projects anywhere else!

Tactile, vibrant, and one of a kind — each kit has a range of projects, designed for children aged 5-12 years old. Young artists will venture under the sea, explore the stars and the sky, make a splash in summer, get cozy in fall… and so much more!

Take a peek inside..

Each Art Kit includes:

  • 3-5 studio art projects
  • Step-by-step teaching instructions with full color photographs
  • Drawing guides, templates & more!

Designed with profitability in mind:

We’ve even calculated the cost of each project per child and provided a handy time estimate, so you can balance your time and money like a studio pro!

Children will LOVE making these projects, parents will proudly display them, and your classes will soon become the talk of the town. All you need to do is gather the supplies and teach.

Gorgeous and fully-customizable
marketing assets… every month!


Save hours every week and never wonder what to say to fill your classes. We’ve created monthly marketing assets that are just as vibrant and engaging as the projects you’ll teach — with a focus on simplicity.

After helping hundreds of studio owners, we’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to creating demand, so we’ve created templates for the main marketing activities that will help you move the needle and fill your classes with students who can’t wait to create with you!

Each monthly Marketing Kit includes:

  • Professionally designed, fully customizable marketing assets
  • Templates for your newsletter, Instagram stories and carousels,
    flyers and even stickers!
  • Full color, professionally-shot photographs for the projects inside
    each Art Kit (to give students a taste of what they’ll create with you)

Not techy? You don’t need to be!
These templates are easy to customize in just a couple of clicks. We have an easy to follow tutorial waiting inside your member area that walks you through exactly how to edit your Marketing Kit materials in just a few minutes.

Plus… Private Community &
Group Coaching with Patty!

Your membership includes a Private Community to share your questions, wins and goals with me and other artsy business owners.

This is where you’ll receive feedback and group coaching from me on topics that will meet you where you are at and push you to move forward.

This group is kind, supportive and from every level of business. Our motto is one step at a time and we mean it. We go (and grow) at our own pace!

And some extra-special bonuses
to brighten up your studio…


The perfect complement to the email templates you’ll find inside the “Dream It” Biz course included in your membership, this special bonus includes additional templates to help you bring more paying customers into your studio.

Includes templates you can customize for:

  • Inviting a new family to attend
    your classes
  • A simple “Bring a Friend” invitation
  • Referral email


‘Tis the season! Art parties are a perfect way to boost your holiday income and get students (and parents) excited about creating with you.

Includes 3 brand new Canvas Paint Party Projects, with full instructions and How-to Video, including:

  • Pumpkin House
  • Cozy Fall Animals
  • Fall Trees



Your studio can be efficient, organized, and utterly gorgeous. This kit will help streamline the storage and organization of your art projects, with resources including:

  • Project labels to customize and print for your art organizational needs
  • Customizable art materials bin stickers to help artists find and collect their materials for projects
  • A stunning Studio Rules poster to cultivate a Growth Mindset in your studio plus a Craftsmanship poster for inspired artists!

Yours when you sign join Primerry PRO for a full year! (Select the “annual” option when you join).

“I have a clearer goal for the direction of my business, I feel supported, and confident that Primerry PRO can help me continue to grow my business.”

I started my afterschool art program and summer camps in 2016 and started teaching from home when the pandemic hit. Before joining Primerry PRO, I was building my business on instinct. I had joined a general business-building program, but it wasn’t specifically for art studio owners.

I knew I needed support to grow my art business, and when I joined Primerry PRO I found the roadmap I was looking for. The program and community are very supportive because it's all like-minded people and we’re all in the same boat but at different stages.
You have support with all of the things that come up, and it makes your experience richer knowing that you're part of a community. They help you find your own vision, and give you not only the energy, but the support to just go for it.

Geraldine Otte

Ready to join us inside
Primerry PRO?

Here’s everything included in your membership:

  • ESSENTIAL BIZ EDUCATION: the 4-part Primerry Pro Learning Path to start & grow your art studio ($197/course)
  • MONTHLY ART KITS with 3-5 projects for children aged 5-12, designed specifically for the studio environment ($49/month)
  • MONTHLY MARKETING KITS for social media, newsletter and more to promote your offerings; fully customizable and easy to edit ($49/month)
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY to ask questions and learn from other art studio owners around the world ($$$ priceless!)
  • GROUP COACHING CALLS WITH PATTY every single month — submit your question for feedback from Patty!
    ($$$ priceless)
  • SPECIAL CLASS: The A-Z of hosting summer camps, seasonal celebrations and special events
    ($97 value)
  • SPECIAL CLASS: How to take your studio experience online & host virtual classes ($97 value)
  • BONUS 1: “Fill Your Class!” Email Templates ($39 value)
  • BONUS 2: Three (brand new!) Canvas Fall Paint Party Projects — perfect for the holidays! ($49 value)
  • ANNUAL-ONLY BONUS: The Art Studio Beautification Kit ($59 value)


Best Value

Value per year





SAVE an additional 17% & get The Art Studio Beautification Kit FREE!


Most Flexible

Value per quarter





Pay as you go,
Cancel anytime

Doors to Primerry PRO close in:


The “Dip Your Toes in”
Money-Back Guarantee

We get it — sometimes you just need to see something for yourself to decide if it’s right for you.

So go ahead and take a peek. Once you join, you have 48 hours to look around and decide if the Primerry PRO classes, coaching and community are aligned with your business dreams.

If it’s not a fit, submit a cancellation request within 48 hours of joining and we will be happy to refund your initial fee.

How Primerry PRO came to be…

My name is Patty Palmer… and art is the place where I feel most like myself

I’m the founder of 3 successful art businesses: Deep Space Sparkle, Primerry and Primerry PRO. I’ve definitely learned a lot about business over the last 10+ years. But, I am no different than you.

I got my start teaching art to children as a volunteer in schools. I had a love of teaching art to kids, but had little business experience.

At the start, I struggled with how to write emails and how to post on Facebook and Instagram. (Even editing the photographs of my art projects felt like Iearning a whole new language!)

I had the passion, but I lacked the know-how.

All of that changed in 2016 when I joined a supportive business group that was a sanctuary of ideas, answers and encouragement.

I spent the next 7 years learning and experimenting: growing my team, developing the operational side of the business, and learning digital marketing.
I can truly say that making the decision to join that community changed everything for me.

Today, Deep Space Sparkle and Primerry support thousands of educators, families and children around the world every month, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Primerry PRO is the artsy oasis I’ve always wished existed for people like us.

It’s a place where creativity and business collide to help you grow a beautiful art studio — just one step at a time.

“Knowing that I was backed by this program and community has been so valuable. It helps you feel less alone in your pursuit and just keeps on giving.”

I was craving flexibility in the work I was doing as a nurse and felt that it just wasn’t meeting me where I was at in this season of life. I started looking to do something with art because it brings me immense joy, but I never for a second felt confident enough to start an art business.

I joined Primerry Pro at the end of January with no qualifications or training in art, and by mid-March had held my first class. Now, I’m teaching in-person classes and am looking ahead to creating an online program.

The pathway in Primerry Pro is clear and straightforward. It was very clear to me what my next steps were, and I was able to implement them straight away. I’ve felt so empowered being able to move the needle in my business, step by step.

Otilia Stan

Who should join Primerry PRO?

Whether you’ve never taught an official art class before, you’ve dabbled but haven’t fully dived in just yet, or you’re already running a studio, we created this membership for people who want to:

  • Be part of a business community & program that supports you as a creative, with guidance specific to the process for starting and growing an art studio (no generic advice here)!
  • Get help with taking something that feels overwhelming and turning it into a simple, achievable next step — from someone who understands your artistic side and has the business experience to back it up!
  • Have a safe place to get feedback, ask questions, and learn from what others are doing (including direct access to Patty inside the community and on monthly group coaching calls).
  • Save hours of time each week with proven studio lessons and gorgeous marketing materials that give you the structure you need to succeed — and the space to focus on making art!

Do I need any specific qualifications or experience to open an art studio?

Primerry PRO is open to teachers, artists, professionals, homeschoolers, studio owners and ANY creatively-minded person who has the desire to teach art lessons to children through their own business. The best way to tell if you’re ready is by giving it a try… and that’s exactly what we’ll help you do!

You’ll find many success stories on this page (and countless more inside the membership) from people with a wide range of backgrounds — from fine art, to nursing, to full-time parents and more — who are creating a thriving art studio.

“Is now the right time?”

… and more FAQS about Primerry PRO

If you're concerned about time, we get it! All of the resources inside Primerry PRO are self-paced, and any live sessions are recorded for easy access at your convenience. You're in control of your journey, and the membership is designed to work alongside your current commitments and lifestyle.

Remember that any time that you dedicate to this work now -- even if it's just an hour or two each week to begin with -- is an investment that offers the potential for more freedom and flexibility in the future. Plus, like many of our members, you might even find that dipping into the community and the content inside Primerry PRO gives you the energy and extra boost you've been looking for!

Primerry PRO is designed to help anyone who would like to run a business teaching art classes to children. It's an ideal program for an art teacher or homeschooler looking to teach part-time to add extra income or go full-time hosting art classes, birthday parties, and online classes for children.

The program helps aspiring entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of operating an art business, either online or in-person.

You can read our full usage policy here but here are the basics:

Your membership gives you access to the Primerry PRO website, and permission to use the resources and materials to run your art business as long as you have an active subscription.

That means you can use the lessons to teach in your business. You can also use the marketing materials and photos for your website, social media, emails, flyers, and anywhere else you choose to. As a member you have permission to alter and customize the marketing collateral with your brand and business identity.

If you choose to cancel you lose access to the site, new content, and the rights to continue using any of the materials. That includes content you customized while you were an active member.

The content may not be resold for use in 3rd party businesses, memberships, professional development providers, content resellers, or any company that hires teachers to teach classes. Examples of these include, Outschool, Skillshare, and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Primerry PRO may not be used in any Art Studio Franchises.

Each kit contains projects & marketing materials you can use in your art business. Each Art Kit includes 3-5 projects: 1 master multi-week project and 2 spin-off projects designed for various teaching environments. The Art Kits are theme based and are appropriate for children ages 5-12.

Each Art Kit also contains graphics, illustrations and photographs created by the Primerry PRO team of the art projects to use in your website, newsletters and promotional materials. This will save you loads of time and allows you to have professionally created creatives to use in your business. This creative asset permission is granted for as long as you remain a member.

You have access to all our art kits when you start your membership, and you'll receive one new Art Kit each month on the 1st of the month. It will be immediately available through your dashboard.

All of the resources in Primerry PRO are delivered digitally or accessed on our website.

The art projects are designed for children ages 5-12.

You can consume the content for the business videos at your own pace. The business courses are designed for you to follow a path to start and grow your business. You can watch any video depending on your interest. The entire library is designed for you to jump in wherever you are with your business. You can also return to a lesson at any time. New Biz courses are added every quarter.

No. All the resources, art kits, and business videos are available on demand at any time as long as you are a member.

You can consume the content for the business videos at your own pace. The business courses are designed for you to follow a path to start and grow your business. You can watch any video depending on your interest. The entire library is designed for you to jump in wherever you are with your business. You can also return to a lesson at any time. New Biz courses are added every quarter.

You can choose to sign up for Primerry PRO with an annual plan, or a quarterly plan.

Choosing the quarterly plan gives you three months access to the content inside Primerry PRO, and your payment will renew every three months until you choose to cancel it. If you select the annual plan, you will have a full twelve months access to Primerry PRO, and unlock access to a special bonus just for annual members (The Studio Beautification Kit). Your annual membership will renew after twelve months, unless you choose to cancel it prior.

Cancelling your membership is easy and is as simple as reaching out to our customer service team at [email protected].

Please note that you have 48 hours after joining Primerry PRO to request a refund. After then, refunds will not be provided, however you can cancel before your next quarterly or annual payment and you will not be billed again.

The materials in Primerry PRO are designed for the studio-based business owner or a private teacher collecting class fees.

The Art Kits are designed to create a studio art experience in a business setting. Your membership includes projects plus marketing collateral with full permission to alter and re-brand for in-person and online teaching (as long as you remain a member). The resources and training videos are designed to help you run a business plus teach you the ins and outs of running a studio.

Sorry, there are no discounts available for being a member of The Sparklers' Club or Primerry.

If you try Primerry PRO and it's not for you, contact [email protected] within 48 hours for a full refund.

Still have questions?
Email us at [email protected] and we’ll happily assist!

Being uncertain is a normal part of creating something new. You can either let it stop you… or inspire you!

Before I started my art business, I had a lot of questions, too:

  • I wondered if I was cut out for running a business of my own (and if I was even qualified enough to try).
  • I definitely worried about what other people would think of me — especially when I began to promote my business and put myself out there.

    And, secretly…
  • I was afraid that I would create another “job” for myself that would leave me feeling stretched, stressed, and exhausted.

It felt like there were so many things standing between me and my art dreams.

So many steps, so many tasks…

Back then, I wish someone had told me that I didn’t need to have it all figured out before I tried something new. And that I had an incredible opportunity to experiment and re-discover my love for art:

One project, one class, one day at a time.

Something you may not know is…

Your creativity, your innate connection with kids, and your love of art are your secret weapons for success.

Primerry PRO exists to give you the tools and the path you need to share those gifts with the world in an exciting new way.

It won’t always be easy. And, it takes work.

But with the right guidance, supportive peers, and a path — it’s a whole lot easier!
So join us inside Primerry PRO. It’s time to create something new…

And, finally: something for you.

Ready to join us inside
Primerry PRO?


Best Value

Value per year





SAVE an additional 17% & get The Art Studio Beautification Kit FREE!


Most Flexible

Value per quarter





Pay as you go,
Cancel anytime

Doors to Primerry PRO close in: